Dainty Cherry - Celebritips
Dainty Cherry - Celebritips
Dainty Cherry - Celebritips
Dainty Cherry - Celebritips
Dainty Cherry - Celebritips
Dainty Cherry - Celebritips
Dainty Cherry

Dainty Cherry

Sale price$22.00 USD

The most elegant and timeless cherry nail design, painted in four different colors.Inspired by Kourtney Kardashian's fruit nail design. You can mismatch this style with Clean Girl Vibes

Celebritips has nail salons from LA and Shanghai that worked as our style and color consultants.

Each set of Celebritips nails was hand-painted by top-tier nail artists first. Then, we transform our nail artists’ work using the exact steps you would do at a nail salon on our durable and natural-looking nail mold, which is made with high-quality gel materials.

We offer everything you need for a perfect mani in each of our custom nail cases. We carefully selected the best manufacturers. Every little piece of our Celebritips nail kit was made by the best in the industry, from the nails and the glues to even the instruction sticker on the back of our nail case.

Now, our customers can enjoy highly-skilled nail artists’ work in the comfort of their own homes, paying only a small fraction of the usual price.

The kit includes:

  • 30 Nails in 15 Inclusive Sizes
  • Nail Glue (Net Wt. 0,07 oz / 2 ml)
  • 36 Nail Adhesive Tabs
  • Dual-sided Buffer and File
  • Cuticle Stick
  • Alcohol Pad 

Key Features

  • Length: Short
  • Shape: Almond
  • Finish: Glossy - UV finished
  • Reusable, each wear lasts up to 3 weeks
  • Waterproof
  • Customizable
  • Vegan & Cruelty-free


We offer 14-day MONEY BACK guarantee*

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Amanda Boyce (Avondale, US)
Beautiful Nails!

I bought this nail set for my daughter as a birthday gift. She had asked for the cherry nails and she was so excited when she opened them up! She put them on two days ago and they are still holding up strong, that’s saying a lot because press on nail’s typically last only a couple hours on my daughter. We will definitely purchase another set soon!

Taylor D (Beaumont, US)
So pretty!!!

I’ve actually been looking for a cute cherry set for a majority of that time! And when I saw these I KNEW I had to get them. First of all the packaging is incredible! Perfect for travel and storing the nails! And the actual nails are sturdy and not thin like most press ons, and I also noticed they have this nice smooth surface that feels like the design will last and won’t fade.i have tried different brands of press on nails but these nails feel fantastic on and they have not come off, faded or popped off, they are so pretty and flattering! Love these can’t wait to get more! These quickly became my new fav!

Linn (Oslo, NO)
Veldig fornøyd!

Vi er veldig fornøyde med de flotte neglene fra Celebritips. God kvalitet, smart oppbevaring og bra holdbarhet på limet. Reisen fra Amerika til Norge tok litt lenger tid enn forventet, men da ble gleden enda større da de kom.

Captain Smols (Saint Paul, US)
Very Strong

So, I've been wearing these for a week so far, applying them as they were instructed.
I really like how the nail on the inside is pre-buffed, as I like doing that to hold my nails on for a longer wear time

Secondly, the super hold nail glue
What is in it? Is it unicorn blood or something? It holds on so well, I take boiling hot showers which often loosens the glue, especially when I follow it up with a sugar scrub all over, but lo and behold my nails are still holding on strong!

Not to mention the design is so cute! I often work with my hands in typing, boxes and cooking, so more often than not designs on my hands get dinged up easily and then they're scratched and ruined. But not these! :)

Also the carrying case?? Luxurious feel, beautiful design as well.

I'd love to see more cute and simplistic designs like this, as I'm not much of a French tip girlie

Hannah Jefferson (Derby, GB)
The best stick on nails I’ve ever tried

I tried out these nails, a bit sceptical thinking they would ping straight off as soon as I scratch something. But they have been on for 2 weeks now and haven’t budged a bit! I have had several hot showers & baths, down the washing up and used harsh cleaning products and the nails are still brand new. They look exactly like my salon acrylics for a fraction of the price. I will be using these forever!


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