How Celebritips Was Born 🤍

From the moment my mom introduced me to salon manicures, I've been obsessed with nails. The colors and sparkles on my fingertips always empower me, boosting my confidence daily. Alongside this, travel has been my other great passion. Wherever I go, I explore different salons. Yet, often, the results fall short of my expectations, not just in style but also in cost and time. Worse still, the frequent salon visits and UV lamp exposure have left my nails fragile and my hands dry.

Realizing the need for an accessible and sustainable nail care solution, I envisioned a brand offering premium quality without the salon dependency. This led to the creation of Celebritips and our innovative on-the-go nail case. Celebritips is designed for ease and luxury, allowing anyone to transform their nails anywhere in the world. Our specially molded, durable press-ons are crafted to look natural and stay firmly in place, ensuring a consistently beautiful manicure experience.

“When sad days hit and you need to cry your guts out, your sleeve might get wet, your makeup will become all smudges, but your Celebrtips nails will still be on your tear whipping fingers telling you, you still slay like a rock star.”

The Work Behind

At Celebritips, we are dedicated to creating press ons that look natural, salon-like, and also super durable. To achieve this, we partnered with our manufacturer who has 30 years of experience in the Gel-X tips industry to design each of our uniquely shaped nail molds.

For each design in our collection, we collaborate with a top-tier nail artist to create an initial hand-painted nail piece. We then meticulously craft samples, refining them until our final product precisely matches the quality and appearance of the original hand-painted design.


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