6 Best Bow Nail Designs for Every Coquette

Written by: Suzanne Tsai



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We’ve officially run out of places to stick bows—after decking out our hair, clothes, and who knows where else, it’s time our nails got a piece of the action. Enter coquette nails, the flirty and feminine manicure that has taken over everyone’s Pinterest boards. Here’s everything you need to know about the world of coquette nails, and how to wear them for every style.

Which Bow Nail Girlie Are You?

To discover the perfect coquette nail color that compliments your style, consider your go-to wardrobe staples.

If white is your color, Baby Blue Ribbon is your perfect match. The pastel French tips will add a touch of color to your breezy white dress. The silver bows and rhinestones are sure to catch the sun, and maybe a few glances.

If you love soft, muted tones, Jennie is for you. The blushing pink bow nails with little pearl charms elevate without doing too much. Accessories that go well with her: Emi Jay Popstar Hair Clips and Miu Miu ballet flats.

If you find yourself wearing mostly casual outfits, like denim and a crop top, Fairy Got Glitter is the perfect accessory to make you look expensive without trying. Glittery pink nails are so versatile, too. Wear them at night, and their shimmer adds a playful yet glamorous vibe to any style, from leather jackets to satin dresses.

Black is for everyone. Add Some Pink to You, with its classy black tips and little pink bows, works for any occasion. Whether you want to dress up for an elegant dinner party, or dress down in your fav graphic tee, this set is your go-to.

For a playful and vibrant style, 3D Lilac Glaze will contrast beautifully against yellows and oranges. Mirroring the stunning hues of sunset, it’s an ideal choice for your beach day adventures from dawn to dusk. And don’t worry, we’ve already tested our press-ons and can confirm they are ocean-proof!

For those who prefer an edgier look, Coffee Date comes in a shade of pink just a little bit bolder, but still feminine as ever. With the daintiest bows, hearts, and gemstones, you get the perfect balance. Imagine how good these airbrush aura pink bow nails will look with a tasty latte in hand.

Ready to embrace the coquette nail trend that’s defining 2024? Explore our Bow Collection and find your perfect match. If you’re a bit of everything, try it all and purchase the Bow Box, which includes all 6 of our bow-adorned designs.

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